Ben's bike seen from a side view

Ben's bike is a modified Corley Motors model chopper that Ben Throttle has made his home on the road. The chopper harnesses a slot to insert a Pre-Regulation Destroyer Class Solid Fuel Recoil Booster. Although a "stock" machine, Ben made some modifications: raised the handlebar, lengthened the wheelbase for better traction, juiced the compression ratio and added numerous tailpipes, satchels and pieces of futuristic technology. For a short time, Ben had a Recoil Booster installed after Maureen repaired Ben's bike. 

When Ben needed to get past the road block, he smuggled himself in the engine compartment of Emmet's truck, while his bike was buried in a trailer of concentrated fertiliser powder that was being hauled by Emmet.

When morning came and Ben emerged from the engine compartment of Emmet's truck, his bike was already waiting for him, shining in the desert morning sun after Emmet unloaded it for him. In order for Emmet to fix a fuel leak his truck had overnight, he stole Ben's fuel line off his bike, leaving him with his bike stranded outside Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch.

Ben bike guage

The tech of Ben's bike

After Ben manages to reinstall the Booster fuel, rig a Model 7 Timmzal Wayswright Universal Hoverfan unit and get the ramp to finally travel to Corville, there are no other issues to be solved within the bike, thus using it only to travel to the Vultures's hideout and the factory.

When Ripburger's true nature and actions are revealed, the game is skipped to the next day, when Ben and Maureen are traveling together to get her chopper (so they can free the Polecats from jail), Ripburger ambushes the two from behind and rams Ben's Chopper with his truck, leaving the bike hanging off of the bumper, until it is thrown off when the truck is forced inside the Vultures' plane.

After making Ripburger fall to his death at the bottom of Poyahoga Gorge, Ben climbs back to the plane. There is a fuel leak and fire and the plane is about to tip off of the gorge, making his bike his last chance of survival. After Ben escape from the plane and conversation with Maureen, he rides into a sunset.