"Relax. I have a feeling something's coming our way. Something big".
-Ben speaking to Darrel about Corley's limo.

Ben is the protagonist of the game and the only playable character. He has a long black suave haircut, and a graying face of stubble, showing his age. Ben is the leader of the Polecats and rides a Corley Motors Chopper. He's voiced by the late Roy Conrad.



Nothing comes to be revealed about Ben's life before the Polecats. He was the Vice-Leader of the gang before Father Torque's retirement.

If the player tries to leave the Kickstand in the direction the Polecats came from, he'll say that a warrant waits for him, also revealing the true nature of the gang. When talking to Maureen in her workshop at Melonweed, Ben will eventually mention that he's wanted in other counties.

While talking to Horrace in Corville, he'll mention he has no wall to hang his souvenirs on, and that his bike is his home.


  • Although not revealed during gameplay, Ben's last name can be found on concept art and sketches.
  • Ben's brother is Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle. Ben's full name is Ruben, their mother named them both after a sandwich.