Bolus was the big buffoon thug of Adrian Ripburger paired with Nestor and being the brawn and hitman of the team.

He is seen accompanying Malcolm Corley and Rip to Corville on his hoverlimo for the annual shareholders' meeting. Outside the Kickstand, Nestor knocks out Ben Throttle and according to Rip's instructions he steals his bike to lure the rest of the Polecats along the Highway 9. Presumably he returned to the Kickstand, sabotaged the bike and left on Corley's hoverlimo.

After the murder of Corley, he grabs Miranda Rose Wood who recorded the murder, but she slips from her vest, without her camera. Rip sends Bolus to Melonweed to assassinate Maureen Corley at Mo's Fixit Shop. But she sees his reflection on a toaster and releases the elevator, dropping him down unconscious. She discovers the Corley ID and takes Miranda's camera.