A Cavefish

The Cavefish are a cult-like bike gang and everything about them is creepy. Their territory is the area west of the Poyahoga Gorge. They mark their territory with the Arch of the Cavefish, featuring an ominous skull, all constructed and assembled with parts of stolen, hijacked and stolen vehicles. The Cavefish can be seen attacking and stealing truckers along Highway 9.

They live in their underground hideout somewhere near the Old Mine Road which is perhaps the old abandoned mine. There they keep Ricky Myran's stunt ramp as a sacred relic, and probably use it to jump from the cave road to the cave interior. The interior of their hideout is adorned with a gigantic triad of faces carved n the cave wal, and it is guarded with a forcefield.

The Cavefish seem to revere or worship dead bikers and they give psychic intimidation to others. It is said that they are blind or that they have impaired vision from their underground liestyle and they are always seen with infrared goggles that cover their faces. The goggles also provide them guidance to the on the center marker dots on the road, to view messages in heat-absorbent paint, and also detect the secret entrance to their hideout.

They ride odd, angular, yellow, low to the ground speedbikes, either non-Corley Motors or heavily modified.

They attacked Emmet who in the process kileld one of them, only to find his tragic demise on the Poyahoga Gorge bridge. Later Ben Throttle stole one of their maska and sneaked into their Cave to steal Myrian's stunt ramp, causng some of his pursuers to crash on the cave walls.

According to The Social History of the Motorcycle, their bikes haven't survived the following years.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Cavefish are a parody/reference to the Tusken Raider/Sand People from Star Wars.