Corley motors
Can't beat a Corley
-Company slogan
Malcolm and Adrian at Corley Motors

Malcolm and Adrian opening the factory

Corley Motors is the last company that is producing legacy motorbikes in the United States. It was founded by Malcolm Corley who in Corville appointing Adrian Ripburger who quickly rose to executive status.

Soon after Maureen Corley's birth, Malcolm's illegitimate daughter, the new imposing factory complex was built in Corville. The Social History of the Motorcycle notes that the mammoth-size Art Deco style monstrous complex is contrastic Malcolm's pure vision and also the simple lives of its customers. However it suggests that the looming presence of the factory that inspired four of the most famous Freeway Tribes (aka gangs) who adopted totemic animals as their symbols.

Little Maureen would secretly help her father with bike designs. According to a print advertiement in The Melonweed Daily Star Picayune, Corley bikes are "working class" and can be disassembled by anyone without technical expertise. Each part has an individual ID number for easy replacement according to its 2-year guarantee.

Ripburger's policy of robotization resulted to a smaller work force and streamlined production. Corley became a monopoly in motocycle industry.

Ripburger wished to become its president after the death of Malcolm and produce minivans instead of bikes. Almost a decade later, Ripburger (over the protests of Malcolm) announced a radical change in the company's strategies, and prices of Corley shares boosted to 17 points.

When the murder was exposed, Maureen became the president.