The Kickstand

The Kickstand and its outlying property

The Kickstand is a franchise of biker only bars that proudly maintain the long tradition of the legendary Wild West saloons. As such, it is the scene of frontier-like boisterous "meetings", and its owner is a prominent but neutral social figure. The Kickstand on Highway 9 is operated by Quohog.

This is where Malcolm Corley and Adrian Ripburger met the Polecats. It is also where Ben Throttle met the trucker Emmet.

There is a Eco-Handi dumpster in the back of the bar that is used as a hiding place for Miranda, as well as where Ben slept after being hit on the back of the head by Nestor.

The television in The Kickstand is controlled by the Kickstand National Headquarters, according to Quohog.


In the Jack Orlando adventure game there is a reference to Kickstand, when Jack Orlando enters the bar, he is entering the Kickstand.