This is one hungry mongrol.

Little Todd is pit bull is the only friend of Todd Newlan and guards Todd's Junkyard at night. He is trained to attack anyone other than Todd. He is a very hungry dog, and therefore seems to have injested nuts and bolts to satisfy his hunger. The dog usually stays around the lit area under the junkyard crane.

Littlle Todd prepares to attack

Littlle Todd prepares to attack

Ben encounter Little Todd when he saw forks for his bike on the pile of junk and Little Todd attack him and chase him away to the walls of the junkyard. Afterwards Ben has use the meat, witch he found in Todd's trailer and gave the meat to the dog in some junk car. Then Ben has gone to the crane and use it on the car to lift it in the air. Ben is now free to pick up the forks for his bike that Maureen Corley is repairing.