Town of Melonwed

Melonweed was once a small but functional town and has turned into a wasteland of abandoned houses and cars due to the marsh like ground that causes all the structures in its vicinity to sink. The shack of Maureen Corley, Mo's Fixit Shop is built for this environment, with an elevated foundation to help it survive longer. It never has much population as most of those who come there do not manage to stay long enough.

Miranda Rose Wood brought Ben Throttle through Melonweed when he crashed his bike on Highway 9. He has to collect all the necessary parts in order to get his bike working again, to go warn his gang, the Polecats, of an ambush. The known inhabitants of Melonweed are: Maureen Corley, Todd Newlan and his dog called Little Todd, crickets (based off ambient noise), Ben Throttle (temporarily) and perhaps some Gsa Guards like Five-O and Floyd.

Ben briefly returned to Melonweed in order to lure tha guards away from his road. After Malcolm Corley's murder, Bolus came there to assassinate Maureen; his failure was soon followed by Adrian Ripburger and Nestor. Ben came again to Melonweed to find that Maureen had left.