Help me, Ben, you're my only hope!
-Miranda to Ben

Miranda Rose Wood is a female reporter/photographer for a newspaper company located near Corville. She is in her mid twenties to low thirties. She has a nose for opportunity, being in the right place and in time, to the point of being cynical. She is acquainted with Maureen. She is also known to carry a color camera, as well as fake Federal Investigator ID's printed from a Badge-o-Matic toy, used for getting into crime scenes or off limits area's for reporting.

Ben Throttle first encounters Miranda when he has a motorcycle accident on Highway 9 just down the road from the Kickstand. She takes multiple flash pictures of his body, mutilated by the crash, saying "My editor better print these in color". When Ben moans in pain, Miranda comforts him sheepishly saying "Oh, quit your moaning, I know someone around here who can fix anything!" and then took him to Maureen Corley at Melonweed.

Miranda would not give Ben a lift to catch up with the Polecats. When she heard that an ambush was up, she took her car and drive to the site, without Ben. She witnessed Malcolm Corley's murder by Adrian Ripburger. She took pictures of the murder, but Bolus caught her and took her camera, but she managed to run away and found her way to the Kickstand. She hid in the Eco-Handi a garbage bin and when Ben found her; she gave him several fake ID's to continue, and find her editor.

Miranda seems to be harsh and cynical valuing her career above all else. For example, when she found Ben bleeding she seemed more concerned with the gruesomeness of the accident and although she saved Ben's life, it did not seem to be her primary concern. Also, when having lost the films of Malcolm's murder, she was more preoccupied with her career than exposing the crime.