Polecat's in bar

The Polecats in The Kickstand

Polecats are Ben Throttle's gang that consists of 6 men. Father Torque was former leader of the Polecats, before he pass the torch of leader to Ben. Darrel is second in command of the Polecats. Adrian Ripburger tricked them into accompanying them to the Shareholders' Meeting in Corville after knocking Ben unconscious. In the process of getting to Corville, the gang was framed for murdering Malcolm Corley just outside of the Rest Stop in Melonweed.



Two of the unnamed Polecats

  • Father Torque (Former member and leader)
  • Ben Throttle (Leader)
  • Darrel (Second in command)
  • Lefty (not appearing in the game; according to the hint-book he was visiting his in-laws on the day Corley met them, and was spared the adventure and jaul-time)
  • Moustached guy
  • Black bearded guy with spiked hair
  • Unshaved guy
  • Guy trying to play the piano


Real Polecat

A polecat

Polecat is a designation of several different animals, of the Carnivora order and most in the weasel family. It can also refer to a number of other concepts

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