Ricky Myran is a stunt devil that attempted to jump Poyahoga Gorge using a modified Corley motorcycle. He succeeded using many modifications and a stunt ramp. His accomplishment was later documented on a information board next to the Poyahoga Gorge Bridge.

After his feat, he walked up to Malcolm Corley ad greeted him, sayng "You can't beat a Corley!". According to The Social History of the Motorcycle, this was Malcolm's proudest moment of his life.

According to the same book, his feat generated intense publicity, after which there was increasing demand for regulation of booster technology; the government responded by imposing strict limitations. Boosters were common only in outlaw gangs.

The Cavefish later stole Ricky Myran's stunt ramp, and kept it unsecured only partway into The Cave. It is possible that the ramp allowed the Cavefish to leap some chasm and access the inner cave. The Cavefish believed that his spirit was there with them.

After Ben Throttle's similar feat, there was a debate about whether the feat was something special, or rather a matter of appropriate equipment.


  • Ricky Myran was never voiced or seen in the game other than on the information board.
  • On the productors comments on the remastered version of the game for Microsoft Windows/PS4, it is said that Ricky Myran was the name of a boy who studied along with one of them at school.
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