The Rottwheelers are one of the bike gangs, one of the nastiest ones, terrifying the road and causing destruction across the countryside. According to According to The Social History of the Motorcycle their existence revolves around fists, primitive/medieval weaponry and endless brawls, but despite their mindless brutality, some members affected a certain famboyant bravado..

Their members are large-build, bald with rings, and ride strong, slow (less than 35 mph), fat-tired hogs. They patrol along Highway 9, mainly between the Kickstand and the Rest Stop, but are also seen along the Old Mine Road.


3 Rottwheelrs are combated in the game:

the chain whip has no effect on him. He is vulnerable to other types of weapons and can be knocked-out with the Chain Saw or the Fertilizer.
He can disarm ben if he attacks him with the Chain Whip. He can be knocked-out by the Chain Saw but it will destroy his flail. Ben can steal his weapon if he attacks him with the Tire Iron or Kicks
He is quite resistant to various types of attacks, his weakness being the Chain Saw.


The name is obviously a pun on the rottweiler dog breed.